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Research Lab Assistant Cell & Developmental Biology 68713
Responsible for general management of a small research laboratory.  Plan, perform and document routine molecular biology experiments and basic cell biology activities. Responsibilities will include: Ordering supplies, preparing media and solutions, cleaning glassware, training personnel and additional laboratory duties as assigned.
Postdoctoral Associate Cell & Developmental Biology 62510
The Postdoctoral Associate will join a long-time NIH-funded (currently NIH R35 MIRA), highly interactive team studying cell migration in cancer progression and development with a focus on the paxillin/Hic-5 family of focal adhesion, molecular scaffold proteins, using 2D and 3D extracellular matrix model systems in combination with sophisticated confocal and super resolution imaging approaches.
Postdoctoral Associate Cell & Developmental Biology 66307
An NIH funded postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Jeffrey Amack to investigate biophysical mechanisms of tissue morphogenesis.
Research Assistant Professor Cell & Developmental Biology 67296
Faculty position teaching in Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy courses.
Research Technician I Neuroscience & Physiology 69330
Applicant will provide technical support for research lab that studies developmental neural plasticity. Instructions and the design of the experiments will be provided by the senior lab members.
Postdoctoral Associate Microbiology & Immunology 67342
The Postdoctoral Associate will will use immunological methods to investigate biology of arbovirus transmission at the vector-host-virus interface. Individuals with demonstrated experience on viral immunology and imaging are preferred
Flow Cytometry Technologist Clin Path-Immunology 65390
Lymphocyte subset analysis, stem cell analysis and leukemia/lymphoma analysis in flow cytometry laboratory.
Postdoctoral Associate Radiation Oncology 64465
Candidate will design, perform and analyze experiments in the field of radiation biology.
Postdoctoral Associate Neurosurgery 61644
The Postdoctoral Associate, with experience in both in vivo and in vitro, will use methods such as 2-photon live brain imaging in mice, ICV injection, animal behavioral test, primary cell cultures of neurons, bone marrow stem cells or glial cells, gene modification and regulation, flow cytometry, Western blot, qRT-PCR, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, and confocal imaging to perform research experiments in the research lab of Neurosurgery Department.
Postdoctoral Associate Neuroscience & Physiology 69165
Design, perform and analyze experiments in the field specific to the lab. Will use a variety of conventional techniques. May need to adapt techniques or protocols to perform desired analysis. Prepare scientific results for scientific meetings, publications and research grants.
2021-2022 Federal College Work Study Student- Lab Assistant Biochemistry&Molecular Biology 97
Assist with lab duties in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department
Postdoctoral Associate Neuroscience & Physiology 69322
Dr. Viapiano's laboratory studies the microenvironment of malignant brain tumors, with new projects focused on tumor immunology, extracellular matrix, and tumor-brain communication. Responsibilities include: design, perform and analyze experiments in the field specific to the lab.
Research Scientist-Non-Faculty Biochemistry&Molecular Biology 67942
To carry out biochemical and biophysical studies to further our understanding of the structure and regulatory mechanisms of the eukaryotic vacuolar H+-ATPase.
Psychologist Golisano Childrens Specl Needs 67282
The Psychologist participates in Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Team (IDT) assessments. Provides developmental assessments, according to accepted clinical practices and Golisano Center for Special Needs (GCSN) IDT policy. Participates in IDT Post Conference sessions presenting a synopsis of discipline related assessment findings and suggesting recommendations. Participates in Family Conferences as determined by the needs of the child and family and reviewed by the IDT. Prepares a discipline specific written report describing the assessment results, interpretation and recommendations. Participates in follow-up procedures including tracking of appointments, reassessment of developmental status and analysis of progress. Provides Case Management Services, coordinating services to families within GCSN and with the community. Provides short term consultation and intervention services. Coordinates all treatment services. 
Research Support Specialist Biochemistry&Molecular Biology 67598
Incumbent will provide general lab maintenance, routine experiments, and other duties as assigned.
BMT Clinical Quality Improvement Coordinator Nursing-Surgical Svcs Admin 63121
The BMT Clinical Quality Improvement Coordinator demonstrates knowledge of blood and marrow transplant and cellular therapies, cellular collections and apheresis policies and procedures. Responsible for managing a portfolio of projects that improve quality and patient safety outcomes in the blood and marrow transplant setting. Demonstrates the ability to analyze data and facilitate the design, development and implementation of process improvement initiatives based on the findings. Performs medical record reviews, concurrent data abstraction from the chart and other primary and secondary data sets on clinical indicators for assigned patient groups/performance improvement projects. Manages/oversees assigned departments' incident/event reports. Coordinates the blood and marrow transplant quality management program, including defining parameters that are monitored, setting benchmarks for the quality program and providing feedback to the transplant program team. Coordinates and facilitates department activities related to successful accreditation efforts including the FACT accreditation. Works collaboratively with the Director of Quality for Upstate Cancer center.
Senior Research Support Specialist Radiation Oncology 64362
Candidate will design, perform and analyze experiments in the field of Radiation Biology.
Research Support Specialist Microbiology & Immunology 63792
The Research Support Specialist will complement ongoing research programs within a functioning human virology lab.
Assistant Professor Pharmacology 61399
Tenure-track position to develop a well-funded research program
Postdoctoral Associate Radiation Oncology 61665
The Postdoctoral Associate will design, perform and analyze experiments in the field of experimental radiation oncology.

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